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Career Planning

Attitudes, expectations, interests and skills need to be explored on an ongoing basis to respond to changing needs and a changing world.

This service will interest individuals exploring different career paths or looking for their first career after college. For example, an adult may be thinking of transitioning from one career to another. Or using their talents in a different industry. Or simply changing the focus of their present working life. Or getting back into the work place after an absence. No matter what the reason for rethinking a career, Janice employs a comprehensive method of personal reflection and self-awareness in combination with personality and interest assessment tools to identify one's skills, interests, values, motivators and aptitudes. These factors are then integrated to illuminate possible career options and preferences.

Benefits of career planning:

  • Reveals a person's true interests and provides a new way of viewing themselves
  • Clarifies an individual's best fit within an organization or industry
  • Jumpstarts a career that may no longer be fulfilling
  • Helps individuals maximize their contribution to
    their company
  • Strengthens employee loyalty to the organization

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