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An independent sounding board to help achieve a new level of performance

In a competitive and volatile business environment, the value of maximizing the interpersonal effectiveness or emotional intelligence of managers and executives is obvious. Research tells us that leaders with well-honed interpersonal skills (plus business acumen) are more successful than those less adept. Those that are coached positively affect the bottomline . Here is where coaching by a licensed professional demonstrates its value to an organization.

An executive may want to sharpen his/her "softer" skills. Or learn ways to become less stressed. Or may want to find more balance in their lives. Or reduce a nagging sense of isolation. There are even times when family members have participated in coaching in order to work through some family/work issues. Sensitive coaching can improve personal effectiveness and ameliorate work-related distresses.

One-on-one coaching, whether short- or long-term, in-person or via phone, provides a "safe" environment to brainstorm, to vent, to become more self-aware--and to receive private, objective feedback about one's impact on people and the organization from an empathetic, trained listener.

Benefits of coaching to the individual:

  • Become more self-aware in a confidential, nonthreatening and individualized manner
  • Learn your development areas and create an action plan to improve and become more effective
  • Learn not only how to improve your performance at work, but how to enhance your ability to live a fuller, healthier, more balanced life

Benefits of coaching to the organization:

  • Greater productivity from your employee and higher retention rates
  • Improvements in cost reduction and your bottom line

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