Are you hiring the best candidate, but too often end up with the wrong employee?

Is your firm maximizing the potential of its top employees?

It can cost you up to 1-1/2 times an employee's yearly salary if you make the wrong hire. Coaching positively affects your company's bottomline, and allows fuller use of an individual's talents and potentials.

Janice Kalin PhD, is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of industrial psychology and counseling. She brings her knowledge of work and human behavior to focus on the individual needs of clients and their businesses. The payoff is that you will make better hires, identify and tap the potential of valued employees, and address behaviors that can limit performance. In addition, for those who are rethinking their work lives, career counseling is available. With Janice, you can be assured you receive objective, valid, straightforward, and in-depth information in a timely manner.

Business Talent Services offers customized services in selection assessment, coaching, leadership assessment and career planning.

Regardless of which services you choose, you get Janice's experience in the financial, retail, manufacturing and healthcare industries, as well as in higher education, non-profits and private philanthropy. Her clients occupy positions ranging from factory supervisors to managers and CEOs.

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