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Leadership Assessment

Getting the most out of your people

Organizations like yours are always looking to nurture talent and move individuals to positions that best match their skill set -- to the benefit of everyone. With a leadership assessment (sometimes called development assessment), Janice identifies an employee's workplace skills and personal traits that have proven successful for that person to date, as well as what we call "development areas"; talents heretofore hidden or untapped; or workplace behavior that the individual can improve upon for better productivity. We can even pinpoint where otherwise talented employees may be derailing themselves.

Besides a variety of personality and skill-set identifiers, Business Talent Services employs a confidential and anonymous "360 feedback" instrument to round out the development assessment. Ascertaining the impressions an individual makes on his/her colleagues, this interactive tool is also used if there is a valuable employee with a problem area that needs some help. Oftentimes, a leadership assessment leads to coaching.

Benefits of a leadership assessment:

  • Energizes the employee by showing that the company cares for the growth of the individual and is willing to invest in that person's success
  • Underscores the skill sets the individual possesses as well as areas that can be improved
  • Focuses a manager on how best to motivate and develop the individual
  • Allows the creation of better work teams, providing cautions and solutions regarding conflicts that
    may occur

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