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Selection Assessment

Placing the right people in the right jobs is more important than ever.

Your business needs people in key roles who can contribute quickly. The right mix of job skills, experience and personality is imperative for success. You want to make the best decision possible for your organization. If a hiring or promotion mistake is made, it can be costly in terms of resources and time lost.

A professional selection assessment improves your odds of making a successful hire, whether internal or external. The assessment provides critical information about the candidate beyond the standard interviews and reference checks. It is an objective look at the personality, strengths, motivators and intelligence (not to mention potential career derailers or "red flags") of an applicant.

Janice utilizes proven assessment instruments chosen for their appropriateness to the needs of your organization. These may include standardized personality inventories and abilities tests available only to licensed psychologists, work-style interviews and workplace simulations. There is no pre-packaged, "off the shelf" assessment. Every client's assessment plan is tailor-made after an initial consultation.

The benefits of a selection assessment:

  • Adds an objective review component to the
    hiring process
  • Produces much more in-depth information about
    the candidate than interviews or reference
    checks can
  • Reduces selection biases
  • Reduces costly turnover and hiring mistakes
  • Helps to ensure the odds that a successful match is made
  • Provides faster adaptation of new hires to the organization
  • Improves employee retention


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