"Janice was a trusted advisor when Cima Nanotech was making some crucial executive selections. She also was helpful in coaching two individuals who were finding it difficult to work together after onboarding one of them. Professional and insightful, in that situation Janice not only bridged personalities, but cultures as well."

Jon Brodd
Cima NanoTech

"I have known Janice Kalin in a variety of capacities over the past
fourteen years. She has been extremely helpful in screening high level
candidates for positions within our organization. We have found over
time that the reports and profiles she presents are right on target. I
have gained a great deal of confidence in Janice as a Consultant. "

Bruce Kahn
Sholom Community Alliance
Senior Housing & Health Care Services

"Janice has been our "go-to" coach for many years. Her ability to help our employees sharpen their management skills and relate better to others on their team is invaluable. She asks thoughtful and provoking questions, which allows our professionals to examine their careers and make good decisions around their professional development. Her caring attitude and humor immediately put employees at ease; and her feedback to management is relevant and appropriate. Janice is all about helping employees succeed and giving employers tools to help increase employee value to the organization."

Peggy Anderholm
Manager, Education and Workforce Development
Marvin Windows and Doors

"Janice has worked with several of our clients during the past five years in
the areas of career assessment and leadership coaching. She has always
done exceptional work even when dealing with change-resistant leaders and
tough cultural situations. Janice has the ability to flex her style to
deliver results. I highly recommend her."

LaDonna Crawford
Managing Director
DBM Executive Coaching

"I was very satisfied working with Janice for leadership development of direct reports. She is very easy to work with and accommodating to the institutions needs. The assessments were accurate, timely and the development plan complete!"

Sue Penque
Vice President of Patient Care
United Hospital



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